Good to Know

You can place orders online, via email, over the phone, or in person.

Additional delivery and set-up fees may apply depending on the needs of the event.

We will deliver the items to your event or you can pick them up in-store.

We can provide staff to assist in serving, at your event, if needed…additional fees apply.

Some savory items may require heating up at your location as they will arrive cold.

There is a minimum of $50 per order and all orders must be placed five days prior to the event.

Be sure to let us know if your event requires cutlery, serving platters, tea pots, plates, cups, etc.

Please visit us at Rosie Lee’s British Foods (4657 Park Blvd, San Diego CA, 92116) to find all your favourite English teas, biscuits, cheeses, preserves, sweets and more!